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People often ask: Can a westie get along with a cat? Well of course they can, if they are properly introduced and supervised to start. Willow gets along fine with our cats Whiskey, Wye and Tommy. She had to be reined in a bit at the beginning, but now we simply don’t worry about it.

In point of fact, I have never heard anybody complaining about serious problems between their West Highland Terrier and their family cat. Other cats are a different matter, though. It takes a fair amount of work to stop a Westie from chasing a strange cat that comes in their yard. In fact, running strange cats out might be a good thing for them to do. It would keep the neighborhood cats from using your flower beds as litterboxes.

This little video demonstrates just how well a cat and a West Highland Terrier can get along. Quite the little wrestling match, and nobody got hurt! So there ya go.

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Index of other westie videos on this site

Leave A Comment To Get Instant FREE Download  – Top 10 Ways to Save Money at the Vet

Climbing Westie

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    2010 May 29

    Jeg vil gjerne takke deg for den innsatsen du har gjort i writng denne artikkelen og jeg håper det samme beste arbeidet fra deg i fremtiden også.

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    2010 Aug 17

    […] little video of her trying to get a game out of our oldest cat, Whiskey. So, don’t be afraid. Westies and cats This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Its Hot – […]

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