About Glenn

Glenn PalmerHi, and welcome to the Westie Terrier Blog.

My dad got me my first dog when I was 12 and we were living in Vancouver. By looking at my picture you can probably tell that was quite some time ago. She was a black and tan, pure-bred American Cocker Spaniel.

I’ve had dogs in my life ever since, along with cats. For the last twenty-five years there have also been horses in the mix.

Most of the dogs I’ve had the pleasure of owning have been mutts. For a long time I honestly thought that mixed breed dogs were the way to go. They always seemed to be smarter and more robust than pure-breds. To tell the truth, that’s still what I think.

In spite of that, my present dog is a pure-bred West Highland Terrier named Willow, and I love her very much. As far as I’m concerned, Westies are close to being the perfect dogs.

They are small enough to pick up easily, yet big enough that they don’t get underfoot the way the toy breeds can do. Although they are small, they have a scrappy, terrier spirit that seems to belong to a much larger animal. They are smart enough to train fairly easily, stubborn enough to make training a challenge at times, yet they aren’t smart enough to run circles around their owner the way some Border Collies seem to do.

Like I said, West Highland Terriers are very close to being the ideal dogs.

Now you know something about me and where I’m coming from. I hope you find something in this blog that is interesting and helpful, and that you’ll come back often.


God bless and good luck with your dog.