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The cesar dog breed is, of course, a West Highland White Terrier. Maggie is one of the most recognized dogs on TV nowadays. Many people realize  that the dog you’re walking is Maggie dog, but very few know what the actual breed is. In my experience a West Highland Terrier is most likely to be mistaken for a Scotty. I laughed at people for years about this misidentification. In my mind Westies were white and Scotties were black.

Example of the Cesar dog breed

It turns out that the joke was on me. Scotties come in three colors: black;white;grizzled(gray).  Despite all that, the Cesar dog breed is definitely West Highland Terrier. And why not? West Highland Terriers are one of the most photogenic breeds and they certainly have enough personality to qualify them to be the official Cesar dog breed.

The funny thing is that a lot of people recognize the dogs on sight and even know the name of the dog in the commercial. When Willow and I meet someone on the street one of the first comments is often: You got yourself a little Maggie dog there, don’t you? Whenever that happens I know that they have successfully spotted the Cesar dog breed. Of course, the next thing is that they ask if she’s  Scottie. That used to irritate me for some reason, but nowadays I just see it as a conversational icebreaker. At least one more person will come away knowing that the Cesar dog breed is Westie not Scottie.

Cesar dog breed Information sources:

Other places the Cesar dog breed shows up

Because Westies are so cute and personable they show up in lots of places in advertising besides being the official Cesar dog breed. The first example of their use as logos or mascots in my experience was their use on the label of Black and White Scotch. Here are a couple of old labels for this brand of Buchanan Scotch. You can tell immediately that the white dogs are examples of the Cesar dog breed by the shape of their faces. There’s nothing cuter than a Westie face!

Cesar Dog breed in an old carCesar dog breed loafing











Radley fashion house in England also used the Cesar dog breed as its mascot. Unfortunately, I can’t find any images that are large enough to show in this post.

One other place where the Cesar dog breed appeared was in one of my favorite TV shows, House, MD. This was in the episode Family. Wilson was separating from his wife and House wound up dog-sitting for their old dog Hector. The two hated each other at first, but in the end they bonded. So much so that the final shots of Hector walking away show him trying to imitate House’s limp. I always knew that House wasn’t as hard as he pretended to be!